Niamh Mc Loughlin

School Principal

I am delighted to be part of iLEAD International School because I truly believe in the mission and vision of this inspiring project. While providing high quality international education to the students of Phnom Penh, iLEAD International School, as a non-profit social enterprise, is also playing a vital role in improving the accessibility of education for disadvantaged children in rural Cambodia. This is a unique school whereby the parents of the children enrolled at iLEAD are local donors and the teachers and staff here are development actors in the making. I am very excited for the future of iLEAD and for the many opportunities for greatness that lay ahead. 

I have many years’ experience of International school leadership and development, and as a qualified Montessori teacher, I have a deep understanding of early childhood education and the inquiry based approach to teaching and learning. I have done extensive work with the IPC and the IEYC and I have full confidence in the curriculum we offer at iLEAD International School and how it can benefit our children.