What do you know about our facilities?

Bus Service: iLEAD International School offers a bus service for all students who wish to avail of the service. The iLEAD School Bus will collect the students from their home before school and return them home after dismissal.
There is always a member of staff present on the bus to supervise at all times and to ensure the safety of all students.

Playground: iLEAD International School equipped with and indoor playground that is completely enclosed with a padded safety gate. The classes have designated periods of time for play in the playground to promote physical, social, mental benefits as well as encouraging self-confidence within each student.

Swimming Pool: Located outside is a 4m x 2m swimming pool. Throughout the week there are swimming lessons for the students. Learning to swim in an important time in childhood. As well as the safety aspect, it is also a very good exercise and promotes a healthy lifestyle.

Computer and Tablet Lab: As we are moving into the future we need to keep up with or our children will be left behind. Computers and handheld tablets are the way of the future.  iLEAD International School has its specially allocated Computer and Tablet Lab where students can learn through the use of interactive educational Apps. Practice on new technology is critical in the child’s mental and creative development. The use of the Khmer Library App also allows the students access to hundreds of books for children. The iLEAD timetable allocates time for classes to visit the Computer and Tablet Lab during the week, as well as integrating it into other classes.

Library:  The iLEAD International School Library and Cinema Room gives the students a break from the classroom but still encourages and stimulates them to read and learn in a comfortable environment. The Library is stocked with both English and Khmer books for various levels of readers. Tables and chairs are available for the children to sit on and read, or they choose to sit or lie on the padded floor. These options ensure that the students are comfortable and ensures that they enjoy the time when they are reading.

Cinema Room: The Cinema Room is equipped with a state of the art projector that projects onto a white wall. The teacher and students have endless learning opportunities with the Cinema Room. Entertaining movies through English encourage the students to concentrate and listen to the English language.

Publish Date: Thursday, October 16, 2014, 3:49 PM